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 Who is Angie?

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Chapter 1:
Encounter This!

Chapter 2:
Born Again

Chapter 3:
A New Beginning

Chapter 4:
Birth of a Sun Angel


Who is Angie?

Birth Date: May 2, 1964 2:50pm, Phoenix, AZ USA

Birth Name: Angelia Rene Cyphers

Current Name: Angie Mansfield

Past Aliases: "Angie Jones", "Angelia Jones", "Angelia Rene", "Angelia Bate", "Angie Mansfield", "Ange", "Angie Pangie puddn' n' pie" (a la my mama!)


Soul Urge: 38/11/2
Expression: 95/14/5
Personality: 57/3
Destiny: 27/9
Birthday: 2 Attitude: 7
Sun: Taurus
Moon: Capricorn
Ascendent: Virgo
Venus: Gemini
Mars: Aries
Sun: Aries
Moon: Saggitarius
Ascendent: Leo
Venus: Gemini
Mars: Aries

Home: Currently AZ. USA - I grew up in Scottsdale, AZ, have lived in Nebraska, Virginia/DC, Colorado and Michigan and always end up back home in AZ. I Fantasize about living in Hawaii some day.

Kids: 15 year old son (Izaac)

Past cats: Tootsie Roll, Mush, Venus, Brutus McGrutus, Doodle-Bug, Twinkle Toes, Samantha, Smokey, Wiggy and Loo - short for "Looney" - Current kitty cat: Maneki Neko

Past dogs: Sugar, Spooky, Tash, Sheeba, Rosie, Barfy, Tux, Kenya, Thai Thai, Bunny, Peachy, Bo - Current dog: Valentine

Years practicing numerology: (as of 2016) 37 years immersed in numbers, symbols and mystical meanings..

Previous businesses: Custom ceramic tile artist, sculptor, muralist and faux-finish artist. Storekeeper, Web designer/developer, freelance graphic design.

Hobbies and fun: Playing 'Law of Attraction' games with myself and others, Jin Shin Jyutsu™ practitioner, Lightweaving, Aromatherapy, talking about spiritual ideas and philosophies, crunching numbers (numerologically speaking), stargazing, collecting crystals and gems, hiking, travel, basking, watercolor play-nting, clay squishing, making art, baby-play.. and of course, endless reading and research about whatever captures my fancy.

Meaning of flower-head picture: Um... ? Posed pictures always make me laugh. Especially those ones with perfectly coiffed, voluminous hair and a hazy glow around them. "Glamour Shots" I think they're called. They make me feel dizzy. I'm a candid type of person I guess. I thought it was silly too and sort of looks like I am pushing my thoughts toward flowery things - which I practice doing every day. (It's not as "simple" as it sounds!)

Hey! If you read this far, thanks for your interest. I sincerely hope that you enjoy my web site offerings and that you find value in my interpretation of your numbers.

Please stop by from time to time to see the new additions.

In Joy,


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