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 Who is Angie?

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Chapter 1:
Encounter This!

Chapter 2:
Born Again

Chapter 3:
A New Beginning

Chapter 4:
Birth of a Sun Angel


Chapter 1: Encounter This!

Encounter This!

It's funny, how we collect things in life... We collect experiences, we collect thoughts and feelings, we collect ideas, people, memories, interests, information.... We don't always get to know 'why' we are drawn to a particular experience or how it will shape us, but it always changes our life-puzzle in a fundamental way. Down the road, if we look back at our path, we can begin to see the patterns and sometimes the 'predominant themes' - if we're lucky!

My 'themes' have evolved to be Growth through Joy, Transformation and Creativity, Compassion, Empathy, Relishing the Moment.... I say it has "evolved" to be these things because my path has gone through many twists and turns on it's way to the present moment. The overriding priority of my life though has been my spirituality, creativity and giving and receiving love.

I was born in Phoenix Arizona on May 2, 1964 and raised as an 'Easter Sunday' Methodist in a 'pop psychology' family - seeking to resolve all of our "dysfunctionalities" through the most popular means of the day - "Self Help". Books about 'Erroneous Zones' and being 'Your Own Best Friend' lined the bookshelves and at age 13 I was an adept at family 'Encounter' seminars and talking the special 'talk' of these books and organizations (Lifespring, EST, Omega Vector.) Around this time I became very interested in what made myself and those around me, 'tick' (another term from those days!) and I began to read some of the psychology books on our shelves. Around the same time, my parents divorced and I, being the oldest child of two, somehow found my way between them - as 'mediator' - a role I really didn't care to play, but that I seemed sort of 'made for'. During these times I felt my inner self morph from that of a naive, young girl to a person of unexplainable 'Wisdom', which just seemed to flow through me in response to a person's need. I liked the way it felt while I was expressing the words and I eventually learned to 'call' upon this reservoir of wisdom at will. These were some of my first experiences of 'channeling' my Higher Self, though I didn't know what to call it at the time.

It was age 14 that I became voraciously interested in information about 'parapsychology' and the topics of past lives, soul mates, astrology, numerology and destiny. I was seeking 'to know' who I was and why I was here - why I felt so "different" from everyone else (most of us feel that way I've learned!) and what my inner yearnings meant. Were there others like me? And why are we REALLY here - because just taking life at face value seemed, well, boring and at times, tragic... So I read and practiced and analyzed myself and others, devouring anything new that I could wrap my young brain around and this is how I (sometimes barely) survived my teenage years. The deeper understanding of myself and the strengthening and development of my intuitive capabilities helped me to see beyond the frustrations and insecurities of being an introspective teenager trying to fit into the adult world. Later, I would understand that this psychological curiosity was the bedrock of my spiritual development too.

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