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 Who is Angie?

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Chapter 1:
Encounter This!

Chapter 2:
Born Again

Chapter 3:
A New Beginning

Chapter 4:
Birth of a Sun Angel


Chapter 2: Born Again

At age 21 my seeking drew me to the teachings of Christ via "Born Again" Christianity. I say it this way because after 3 years of intense involvement in a Christian organization called, 'Campus Crusades for Christ', I found that my greatest growth and profound, life-changing encounters with God, occurred alone in my room with my bible and a big-fat bible concordance which I would use to delve deeply into the various teachings of the bible that I was most drawn to; God's way of Loving - "Agape-style", Powerful women of the bible, the passion and soul-love of the Song of Solomon (of course!) and the ways that God reveals "His" Will to us.

Those 3 years felt like a 3-year-long 'smile'. I remember feeling Love so much of the time, as if I had a transparent bubble of joy all around me allowing me to see everyone and everything through the eyes of God. During that time I developed quite a crush on JC and prayed each night that I would meet my own, "Jesus in physical form" whom I could love - and be loved by - with a supernatural LOVE that surpasses the possibilities of purely physical love in every direction. He would be in love with me and I with him forevermore... Well, I did actually meet this man, "my" version of Jesus in physical form, and my dear (atheist!) friend "RK" has helped me to expand my perception of Spirituality and Love in ways I may never completely understand but wouldn't trade for all the chocolate at Godiva! But that's another long story.

My 3 year initiation as a "Christian hermit" (ha!) blended nearly seamlessly into a 7 year journey with an esoteric mystery school based on the teachings of George Gurdjieff, reverently called, The Work.. I encountered the Gurdjieff work through a relationship (relationships and spirituality - my two preoccupations..). "John Cremer" introduced me to my teachers, James Westly and his wife (visionary artist, Allura Westly at a small dinner party that he arranged shortly after we had begun dating. That dinner was de-JA-vu and the meeting was a Wake-Up-call in the truest sense. I had been praying for a long long time that I would be led to 'My Spiritual Teacher' and here they were! James was my teacher in The Fourth Way (another term for the Gurdjieff work) and Allura was my mentor as a visionary artist. Her paintings seemed to be images taken from my own dreams and visions. To this day we 3 are still fast friends.

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