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Chapter 1:
Encounter This!

Chapter 2:
Born Again

Chapter 3:
A New Beginning

Chapter 4:
Birth of a Sun Angel


Chapter 4: Birth of a Sun Angel

Birth of a Sun Angel

It was in Virginia that I wrote most of the text for NumberQuest and found the name, Sun Angel (the name of a South American hummingbird species that swooped out at me from a giant Webster's Dictionary one day). At the time I thought that we were writing a numerology software program that would make reports that bookstores could sell to their customers - like the astrology programs that were already on the market. I didn't know I would be building a website one year later. At the same time I was pretty much trading my paycheck at Crystalis Treasures - a store of beautiful crystals, essential oils, candles, books and music - for all of the treasures that Crystalis sold!

I learned quite a bit about the properties of gemstones and their healing qualities and I fell in love with my own 'rock collection', often sleeping with several in my bed at night (much to the chagrin of my bed partner!). I would sense all kinds of things in these rocks and I could feel their different vibrations more and more subtly. I thought that the bookstore customers would like to have little cards to go with their gemstones that had the meaning and healing qualities on them, so I made a batch up and called them, "Crystal Cards" (for lack of a better title) but I left the store and Virginia before I had a chance to introduce them so they became the Gemstone Glossary on Sun Angel.

Homesick, but not quite the right time to return "home" to Arizona, when Steve had the opportunity to choose a new place to relocate for his job, we opted for Denver, Colorado. Steve is a very talented computer engineer and he could pretty much decide where he wanted to live and he'd have a lucrative job waiting for him there. Colorado is a beautiful state, though now I wish we had moved to Boulder or to Colorado Springs just for the loveliness-factor (Denver is not that pretty but it's very close to the mountains which are astounding).

One fateful day, my friend Allura called and told me about a new book that I should read called, "A New Beginning II" by Abraham-Hicks. It was recommended to her by a true earth-angel named Ardella Hecht, who is now a Real Angel glowing upon us from the Heavens around! I remembered how Ardella was the most joyful and positive person I had ever met. We were in Allura's watercolor classes together and her energy raised the whole room to a vibrant new place. I remember thinking then, "I want some of whatever she's ON!"

I ordered the book immediately and read it through in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. It was simple and honest and it was everything I had learned in over 10 years of intentionally "working on myself", but it was available instantly - that moment. The moment you "GET" it. I was shot full of an energy that I can only explain as, "YES!!!!" and everything was crisp and colorful and new just like I had experienced so many times during 4th Way work and after meditating or spiritual dancing or just being profoundly In The Moment. This was the Answer I had been praying for since leaving the 4th Way school. I was asking, "Isn't there a Way to Grow through JoyFULL experiences instead of PAINfull ones???" Where the 4th Way taught how to USE life's pain and "friction" to Awaken, the Abraham-Hicks material teaches how to deliberately direct our own thoughts, feelings and focus of attention toward our heart's desires - however seemingly unrealistic - and experience "miracles" in daily life.

It was early 1995 and the Internet was new and still innocent. It was still all about GIVING. Some days earlier I had been asking Steve if he'd make a 'spiritual web site' with me that could be a place to share my numerology and Crystal Cards and other information I'd been collecting over the years. I imagined that it could have 3 areas; an "inneractive" section with free numerology and other "oracles"; an articles section for information and Visionary art and an "Emporium" where I could sell things like the things I sold at Crystalis Treasures. At first he didn't seem too interested, but for some reason he asked me if he could read the new book I had just read! The day he finished reading it he came home from work and said that we should build a Spiritual website! - I said, "good idea!" :)

So, our creative collaboration, Sun Angel was about to get a "body". We set out to make a web site. Steve, already a genius programmer was used to learning new languages quickly, so he already knew a little about the language of the Internet, "html". He began making html pages and programming the cgi scripts that would run the interactive features. I wrote text and made graphics and taught myself html by copying the tags from a little book he had - appropriately called, "HTML". It was a time of pure, creative bliss and every day was more and more intense with good-feeling energy! Sun Angel Innovations was introduced on May 1, 1995 and it was so exciting to see those first few "hits" showing up in the live-action logs that Steve set up! Actual PEOPLE from all over the world were visiting OUR website!!! I still remember how wonderful that felt - it still does!

We built it... and people came. I learned more and more about html and graphic design and Sun Angel grew and grew. We didn't need to build it as a business to support us financially at the time so we gave everything away for free and even began to build free websites for others* that we felt should be made available to seekers, like the Environmental Defense Fund, The School of Wisdom, The Enchanted World, Abraham-Hicks, Sounds True Audio and others (they all have their own websites now that are not connected or affiliated with Sun Angel). This is what can happen when the vibrational 'cup' of Love runneth over and your husband is a well-paid engineer! I wanted to share my blessings with others and Sun Angel has been the perfect avenue. I've learned a lot about people, "Love" and the abundant reciprocity that is inherent in the attitude of giving, creating and sharing just for the fun of it.. just for the love of it and just for the joy of it.

*footnote: Life changes and rearranges. Steve and I are now lovingly divorced and living separate lives. We are dear friends and he so generously helps me troubleshoot his scripts from time to time! After our divorce, I met 'Mark' at a Lightweaving class and then, after about a year together, we co-created a wonderous little surprise named Izaac Ocean. We married on a hot summer morning in June - in the sweltering AZ sunshine when I was 6 months pregnant. Then we had a flowery, balloon-filled brunch with all of our family and friends and asked them to bring all their kids. Izaac was born on October 11, 2000 and after he was born, and to this day - I felt like all of my life up to then was just passing time. Waiting for Izaac and for my life to truly begin. I thought that I was doing all of this very important work, but once he arrived, I knew that the most important, challenging, creative and blessed miracle available in life as a human being - is to love another person with all of your selfless heart and soul. And to therefore be inspired from the inside-out to love others more deliberately because your heart has been opened helplessly. Mark and I are no longer married either but Izaac is a happy, smart and wise little boy and we are all 3 doing our best to be our best and to write our own, more positive rules for divorced co-parenting.

As I add mommying to my resume, and support the two of us creatively and with trust - continuing my fearless offerings through Sun Angel and NumberQuest Numerology - I keep all of my other hats of many colors spinning up through the air to the top of the orderly stack on my head. Sometimes monkeys come and try to thwart me - but as soon as I recognize them and laugh, they turn into banana split sundaes - and I have ice cream on my face.. In this way, I am learning to be The Juggler/Jester, The Fool - the next step on my evolutionary path.. Which is always a new beginning.


A Favorite Quote from Abraham-Hicks (My secret aspiration)

When you reach that place you just move from sublime to sublime to sublime to sublime. You are so tuned in to the source, you have plenty to give. You never are trying to withhold it. You always have plenty. You are expressing it everywhere you go. People are benefiting. Its like Johnny Appleseed going everywhere, rays of sunshine going everywhere. Benefit surrounding you everywhere you are. Never a feeling of lack, never a feeling of not enough, never a feeling of someone more important than me... In other words, you just reach this place where you are so satisfied with who you are and your deservability and worthiness becomes a non issue, because you finally accept it. You are worthy. Then you just get on with the blissful joyous creation of expanding the universe. Oh, life is so good. And we are so appreciative of the part that you play in our expansion. - Abraham-Hicks -

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