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Angel Guidance

Angel Guidance is brought to you by the International Academy of Mastery (IAM).
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Child of grace. Child of beauty. You have graced the lives of so many. You have served others without hesitation, and have seldom found your efforts rewarded on this earth. Your heart has known the truth of the words that the Father would reward you in heaven. And now as we bring heaven to this earth together, as we move on in this new millennium, your "heaven" will develop its presence upon the earth. It will return this earth to the heaven it was so long ago. So Very long ago. You have striven with us for centuries to bring the word of peace, love and, forgiveness to all upon the earth once more and it is time. You must now place your attention on joy and laughter. This is the week for play. This attitude will loosen the grip of the past and lighten the load of past karmas. Let us play in love. Let us laugh with grace. We love you.
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