The joy of alignment might be a little of the joy of being out of alignment. Because if you don’t get a little OUT of alignment, you could never feel the joy of getting INto alignment. Make sense to you? So things that are going wrong aren’t really going wrong. They are just giving you the impetus for what you are wanting. And when you line up with it, now its righter than its ever been. But its not done. Its just righter than its ever been.

— Abraham-Hicks, Quotes


Inspirational Quotes

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6 Minute Visual Meditation: Positively focus on 5 of these quotes a day (allowing 5 quotes to refresh for you automagically). Allow the images and the words to in-lighten you.


This page draws from our huge database of thousands of randomly refreshing inspirational and motivational Law of Attraction quotes by famous teachers of Law of Attraction and The Secret throughout history to the present. If you want to create, attract or strengthen a quality or ability in your life, then surround yourself with the thoughts, words and attitudes of accomplished people РMasters of that desired reality Рand that new vibration will imprint into your consciousness Рwhich WILL change your reality.

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