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Today is the day to express your love. Yet, you ask us, what can I say to my life partner that they do not already know? We will tell you. Say to them that the world of thought did not become real until the first thoughts of your beloved danced in your mind. Say to them that your faculty of speech did not become fluid until words to honor the phenomenon of your love began to flow. Tell them that your life did not become real until it took on the meaning of sharing your joy with others. That your heart was not truly alive until the moment of recognition of the vibration of your twin. And that your consciousness did not understand God until it was joined by the ecstasy of your union. This is your love.

— Angel Guides, Quotes

Angel Guidance Messages

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6 Minute Visual Meditation: Positively focus on 5 of these quotes a day (allowing 5 quotes to refresh for you automagically). Allow the images and the words to in-lighten you.


This page draws from our huge database of thousands of randomly refreshing inspirational and motivational Law of Attraction quotes including quotes and Angel Guidance from the Angels. If you want to create, attract or strengthen a quality or ability in your life, then surround yourself with the thoughts, words and attitudes of accomplished people – Masters of that desired reality – and that new vibration will imprint into your consciousness – which WILL change your reality.

*Free Angel Guidance messages are inspired through Dawn Eve

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