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What are Master Numbers?

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Master Numbers are highly charged frequencies that have the potential to tap into the universal 'archetypes' of mastery, leadership, healing and creativity wherever they are found. The energy that is accessible to those working with Master Numbers is of a 'higher', more refined quality and is therefore associated with the highest potentials of humankind, such as; spiritual enlightenment and leadership, fine art and invention, healing, compassion, philanthropy, humanitarian causes, fair judgement and so on. Having a Master Number means that we have the built-in potential to draw upon a Higher Power but we also have the free will to choose it's reduced expression (11, would be 2, 22 would be 4, 33 would be 6 and 44 would be 8...). When fully experienced in the positive, the Master Numbers are portals to 'Heaven' for the ultimate purpose of bringing a particular aspect of Heaven to Earth. This is the potential role of a person working with Master Number energy.

With the higher potential of Master Number energy comes the necessity for integrity, honesty and the willingness to work on ourselves - to clear out the "junk" in order to provide a clear channel for this intense energy to flow. When that channel is blocked, the imbalance can create anxiety and physical or emotional turmoil in our lives. The best way to deal with the adverse effects of Master Number energy is to bring it down into it's reduced vibration for awhile (2, 4, 6, 8 etc..) in order to get back into balance.

If the Master Number is an 11, bring your attention down into the details of your life; do detailed work with your hands, listen to other people's feelings and be helpful - anonymously.

If the Master Number is a 22, bring your attention down to a 4 and focus on productivity - checking things off of your list of "to do's". Organize your cupboards, get the car washed or weed your garden.

If the Master Number is a 33, bring your attention down to a 6 and focus on your immediate family, your pets, your plants and your home. Make all as comfortable as you can and forget about healing the world for awhile.

Soul Mate Synergy readings are unique and exceptional in many ways. No other numerology report in the world digs as deep into your advanced numerological aspects, both the composite and the synastry, to decipher the undeniable, innate soul triggers that attract and weave individuals into the relationships that change their lives.

I Want to Know the Soul Mate Synergy of My Relationship!

Soul Mate Synergy™ is a detailed numerology analysis of two people in a romantic relationship. It's like 3 reports in one and after a detailed explanation of your personal numerology, I tell you about the specific aspects that have brought you two together, whether you have strong soul-mate connections or if your relationship is more physically based. Soul Mate Synergy™ tells you how well you match, in which specific areas AND what you can do to make this relationship a PERFECT match!

Soul Mate Synergy reports are the only numerology reports in the world to offer several exclusive soul mate determining aspects. The Synergy Report is the only report to describe and detail your relationship's:

  • Soul Mate Synergy (Your relationship's unique purpose)
  • Magic Wands (The special similarities between you and how you can use these to keep your love growing strong)
  • Soul Mate Ties (The all important soul mate ties that may or may not be present in your love synergy reading)
  • Karmic Connections (The karmic ties that bind you and the ways that we are drawn to our karmic matches)
  • Color Codes (The special hues that resonate with your greatest potential and success. Your lucky colors!)
  • In-Depth Master Number Help (and how to best use these numbers to your advantage)
  • In-Depth Testing Number Help (and exactly what you can do to master these challenges once and for all)
  • Double and Triple Digit calculations (to get to the absolute depth of who you both are)
  • and more...

Soul Mate Synergy™ is a wonderful ROMANTIC GIFT for you and your lover! It's a fun way to get to the heart of the matter. It also makes a unique and very personal Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday or Valentines Day gift for your love or for a couple that you care about. My biggest complement is that people routinely return to the Soul Mate Synergy™ report to get to the hidden truth about new potential partners and friends, their current partners as well as old, unforgotten flames.. I have many single customers who get a Synergy Report every time they meet a new person they are starting to feel serious about! What a smart way to tune into the deeper level of relationships (and a playful way to stimulate deeper connecting and conversation when they show the report to their potential partner!)

I'm ready to know if this is The One!

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